Southern Heroes and Heroines

  The Generals.


  • Robert E. Lee
  • Thomas Jonathan  Jackson 
  • Patrick R. Cleburne
  • Nathan Bedford Forrest
  • Jubal Anderson Early
  • J.E.B. Stuart
  • A.P. Hill
  • States Rights Gist
  • President Jefferson Finis Davis
  •  Longstreet
  • John B. Gordon

Southern Ladies.Heroines:

  • Rose O'Neal Greenhow
  • Belle Boyd
  • Emma Sampson
  • Catherine Devereaux
  • Varina Davis
  • MaryAnna Jackson
  • Mary Ann  Montgomery Forrest
  •  Mary Anna Custis Lee
  • Kitty ("Dolly") Morgan McClung
  • Jane Margaret Adams Brooks
  • Maria Louise Garland Longstreet
  • Flora Cooke Stuart
  • Fanny Gordon

It is important to know about your Southern Heroes and Heroines so that you can teach others about them. It is important to honour your Southern Heroes and Heroines, that way you can learn from them, gather strength, wisdom and courage from them. It is important to honour them and their sacrifices by educating others about them, so that they may pass on our rich Southern history, honour our Southern heroes and heroines and breathe life and passion into our Southern heritage.